Song of the Day – “Drive With Your Eyes Closed” / A Band Called Quinn


The song — “Drive With Your Eyes Closed” by A Band Called Quinn

This tune hit me when I most needed a sultry beat to shake off a rough day, and in listening to it, I found it exemplifies itself. Literally driving with your eyes closed brings both exuberance and fear — I should do it; I shouldn’t do it. There is a push and pull in opposite emotional directions. With a driving downbeat this song pushes, with the relaxed melody it pulls.  Likewise, Louise Quinn’s voice is full of smooth, rich honey tones, but by the end of the song you have to wonder if it is mad honey, conjuring hallucinations, not what it seems. She sings, “Look out for those wolves in lambs clothes.” With syncopation, electro synths, and a few well-placed lulls, the song succeeded in shaking me loose, and now I can’t stop listening to it.

The band is an artpop group based out of Glasgow, Scotland. The song, it seems, was part of the soundtrack for this odd and exciting bit of theatrical music (or musical theatre? or film?) called Biding Time (Remix) written in part by Quinn, and based on her own experience of being signed to a major label.

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