Photos: LA’s Francisco The Man @ DNA Lounge


Last night Francisco The Man played DNA Lounge on what turned out to be a surprisingly slow Thursday and a really intimate showcase for the band. I’m surprised that it was slow because both the opener Big Harp and Francisco The Man are incredibly skillful and played damn-good music. It must be that not everyone has heard Francisco The Man’s 2014 release Loose Ends, an album I will put on and before you know it I’ve listened to the whole thing.

On stage the band has the same time-bending effect, songs and verses give way to intricate, minutes long jams and you just kind of lose yourself to the moment. The chemistry is incredible, and their focus is complete. They’re not the type of band that jumps around on stage, but you can see in their faces that they’re putting everything they have into making incredible music. Guitarist and vocalist Scotty Cantino’s lyrics are tense and delivered in a high register. He reminded me at times of Julian Casablancas or a punk Tom Petty.

They draw on a mix of sounds from punk to alternative rock to psych. From Castino’s guitar came distorted guitar solos with the type of vibrato only a master of the whammy bar can deliver. Its clear you can’t half ass it in this band, they are playing some challenging music and making it seem easy. I was left wanting more after their set ended.

Basically if you are reading this and didn’t make it out to the show last night you fucked up. They even had a tweaked out, poor man’s version of Russell Brand in the crowd. Clad in long hair and a little vest outfit, the guy was dancing around trying to high five everyone and singing in the mens room. It would have been adorable if it wasn’t so creepy.

My favorite track of the night was “Progress” a song that has a sadness but also feels incredibly warm like their LA home. Check out a live recording below.

They are back home in LA and play Bardot on 4/6.

Photos by me y’all.