Magic Man, the Keytar Make Triumphant Return to SF


Magic Man reappeared in San Francisco last Thursday and proved they’re perfectly capable of handling the added workload that comes with being a headliner. Touted as “a triumphant synth rock band,” the New England based team of five puts on quite the show– something they perfected early on playing in living rooms and basements. Thursday’s show at Slim’s was no exception.

Magic Man 1

Their sound, composed of synth beats, clean and energetic guitar riffs, and hammering drums, is exceptional, but their energy is what makes them great. Lead singer, Alex Caplow, really knows how to engage the crowd as he frequently extended his arms towards the throngs of young women who had gathered to get a glimpse of the heartthrob. The rest of the packed house really came alive once they put it in another gear with “Tonight,” as the building filled with smoke and hands came together. They then proceeded to kill it with my personal favorite, “Texas.”

They started a strong encore with Jimmy Eat World’s “In the Middle,” and of course, sent everyone home with their smash hit “Paris.” Long story short: if you didn’t leave in a lather, you did something wrong. 


Magic Man’s performance was especially impressive since Great Good Fine Ok (GGFO) made for one tough act to follow.  GGFO’s sound is a major throwback as you can definitely hear the Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson influences. But really I only have one word for you, Keytar. That’s right, sandwiched between glowing drumsticks and tambourines was one helluva keytar solo. The guys marched out in wild outfits and there was lots of talk about body diamonds (which I think is a yoga pose, but I’m still not entirely sure). Still, the quirkiness along with the good vibes made translated into a memorable show. Make sure not to miss the Brooklyn based band next time they make it out here. 

But above all, remember: keytar. 

Photos by Bob Patterson