Song of the Day: Get Ready to Tap Your Feet to Separator by Controller


Hump Day! You made it! As a reward we have a snappy little pop number by NYC’s Controller for you. The track kind of reminds me of the beginning of an Arcade Fire song, and while it might not evolve into the complex jam you expect out of pop masters like AF, it does have a infections beat and leads me to believe Controller is the type of act that could roll into any club and get the people moving.

The five piece has all the elements you’d expect from a dance rock band– an upbeat drum line, catchy synth hook, quick hit guitar riffs and background lyrics enthusiastically yelled in unison. They also have a menu link on their website that says ‘Sexy Guys’ but don’t worry it’s SFW pictures of the band.

“Separator” is the first single off their upcoming EP of the same name.  Check it out below and keep an eye out for more music from them in May.