Song of the Day: “Solace” and the Rest of Fyfe’s Debut Album Control


Ever since Fyfe released single “For You” I have anxiously awaited the release of his debut album Control. Fyfe, which is the latest moniker for London-based Paul Dixon, layers beautiful flowing ambient tones– building beats that alternate between exhilarating complexity and haunting sparseness.

Dixon’s voice reaches through the speakers and demands your attention. In “For You” he weaves his words into a jungle of alternating percussion, punctuated by a saxophone solo that puts even Sexy Saxman to shame. In songs like “Solace” sparse sections spotlight layered vocal harmonies and his potent heartfelt crooning. You will hear him compared to Patrick Wolf and at times it feels like he even falls into a Thom Yorke-like trance, such as “Control.”

Control is a diverse album that highlights all Fyfe’s potential. Today we see talented vocalists harnessing electronica and using it to compose amazing tracks as platforms for their voices, a movement you could say was popularized by artists like James Blake and more recently Chet Faker and SOHNListening to these tracks makes me hopeful for even more talent to emerge in 2015 and beyond.

I highly recommend listening to the whole album. It is below on Soundcloud but you can also throw him a few bucks at iTunes. Let’s hope he adds some SF dates, as he’s only touring in Europe at the moment.