Viet Cong descend upon Rickshaw Stop this Thursday


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Red-hot Calgary post-punk band Viet Cong are on a tear right now, earning accolades left and right (including the holy grail of a Pitchfork BNM) for their unpredictable and explosive self-titled record, just released in January. You can catch them at Rickshaw Stop this Thursday- tickets are sold out, but I’ve found myself getting lucky by striking up conversations with patrons outside this venue before- it’s worth a shot!

Viet Cong’s brand of mathy post-punk and art rock tosses a barrage of unexpected sounds in your face, from the twangy, high-pitched guitars and droning noise interludes, to the dizzying rhythm changes and galloping kraut-rock basslines. Despite a lo-fi aesthetic, the tunes are solid and well-constructed, and it will be fun to see how they translate to a live setting… I’ve been looking forward to this show for months.

Every song from this record sounds pretty different but screw it, let’s try this one. Close your eyes, pop on your headphones, and let the band take you on an 11-miute journey that goes all sorts of places you didn’t see coming with album closer “Death”.

As mentioned, the show is sold out, but there MAY be some $12 tickets at the door. Show starts at 8pm. For more info about the show and the openers, check out Rickshaw Stop’s site, here.