Lotus to Light Up The Regency Ballroom with Electronic Jams Friday 2/20


Lotus has been around the block a few times by now, after forming at the turn of the millennium in Indiana. From the beginning, they have been mixing musical styles that many people would think just don’t belong together — jam rock and electronica — and doing it well. When listening to their catalogue of music in its entirety, one is often struck by the technical skill of the instrumentals, while at the same time feeling the undeniable urge to move your feet.

Lotus is well-known for weaving together tunes with elements of funk, jazz and rock and making it all sound cohesive. Even during jams that can last for upwards of 15 minutes, which they’re known to do in their live sets, (think Sound Tribe Sector 9, kind of…), this band puts on a phenomenal show that never disappoints.

They have been very busy over the past year, releasing new album Gilded Age  and also remastering their breakout album Nomad. Check out the titular track “Gilded Age” from the new album live last year.

Tickets are available now for their Friday 2/20 show at The Regency Ballroom. Find them online for about 32 bucks ($22.50 face with an insane $9 fee per ticket). If it doesn’t sell out tickets will also be available at the door for $25. More info on tickets here.