Annie Bacon & her OSHEN premiere new video: “When Anybody Laughs”


When writing one’s own review, it’s best to refrain to too many superfluous superlatives, ahem, and to keep it as close to fact as possible. So here, my friends, is a video that I (Annie Bacon) made with my friends for a song from a record that I also made with my friends (my OSHEN).

With a roaring honky tonk piano at its heart, this song is uke-folk feel-good all the way. The video is similarly footloose and fancy free, playfully morphing a gaggle of gendered folk into a fluid dancing mob. It was shot by designer Tomo Saito, locally famous for his Betabrand collection, and edited by another part of the SF Critic family: Bloom. This is the first release off of Stranded Songs, due out on March 4th, which is a small collection of tunes that never quite fit on any other album. My voice has been likened to Stevie Nicks and Neko Case, and of course, I aspire to grow into those compliments more with each new record. You can hear age, honesty, and earnestness in there.

Catch us live at Brick & Mortar Music Hall on Thursday March 5th as we open for The Hot Toddies and GODS, two stellar local acts. Tickets here.