Photos: 0 F**ks Given as K. Michelle Pushes Through Tech Glitches to Thrill Fans


K. Michelle kicked off her My Twisted Mind Tour at San Francisco’s Mezzanine on Thursday night. This was the R&B singer’s first opportunity to hit the road with these songs following the release of her latest album, Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?, at the end of 2014.

Following a few technical issues, namely with a video screen, K. Michelle took to the stage in a blinged-out sleeveless catsuit and put on a impassioned performance. K. Michelle is a singer who wears her heart on her sleeve. The songs came thick and fast, “Hard To Do” and “Damn” both being highlights from the early part of the set.

The only people more passionate than K. Michelle about her music were her fans sending all their energy back to her tenfold. Each direction you looked were fans singing every song word for word. She was able to respond, pulling out songs from her debut, the 0 F**Ks Given mixtape.

K.Michelle confessed to putting her life out in her music and indeed sometimes it got a bit too much, small tears forming in her eyes on one song in particular.

A small mid-set interlude gave her the opportunity recompose and also to showcase her supporting singers (from L.A. and Chicago respectively). All three sat mid-stage to fire off short covers of “Disturbia,” “Irreplaceable,” “Wrecking Ball” and Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me.” Then she was back to business with her diary-like music. From making a man feel like she does when her heart has been broken on “Cry,” to delivering a smoothly soulful form of ratchet on “The Right One,” (enabling the crowd to release any tension with a mass swearing chorus) she hit all the right notes. Indeed, it was on these slow and mid-tempo numbers she was at her best, allowing her voice to display all of its complex expression and emotion.

The show ended with a crescendo, “V.S.O.P” and “Love ‘Em All” had the crowd rocking all the way through to lights on.

Warm-Up duties were delivered by Netta Brielle, with a criminally short set of just three songs. It was full of excited energy and the right way to get the party started. (Although, some of this was lost after the tech folks played with the video screen time and time again prior to K. Michelle taking the stage). After the Bay Area Hip-Hop scene was rocked this week by the loss of local rapper The Jacka, Netta used this forum to provide a fitting tribute as she explained what a mentor he had been to her and many other local musicians. It was a touching tribute.

Solid night all in all. Those heading out to catch K. Michelle on tour as it rolls across America should be in for a treat.

Photos by Robert Alleyne, see more at