Wednesday 1/28 @ Rickshaw Stop: NY’s Beacon Prepares to Drop Heavy Beats and Haunting Vocals


Another bargain for music lovers this week at Rickshaw Stop, NY acts Beacon and Lord RAJA will be joined by local act Running in the Fog for just $12 at the door. I know it’s a Wednesday, but just convince yourself you don’t REALLY have to work Thursday and come out for some good music.

I’ve had Beacon on a few playlists for the past couple years, especially the recent remix of Tycho‘s “See.” The Brooklyn-based duo plays their own blend of electronic ambient beats with R&B inspired lyrics, and right before the new year they dropped their new EP L1.

For me the new EP is really a game changer. They still have the haunting, Thom Yorke-esque vocals but the new beats have a weighty, heavy feel to them. Where the older stuff would often spacious and super ambient, their is a new complexity with L1. Not that their previous stuff was bad, but the new stuff is just doing so much more for me and I’m looking forwards to seeing what the next full album brings.

You can stream the full EP L1 below. My favorite tracks are the titular single, “L1” and “Better Love.”

Photo by Chad Kamenshine