Photos: EagleWolfSnake @ Bottom Of The Hill


EagleWolfSnake represents the latest creation from three multi-talented musicians whose purpose is to make you get off your ass and have fun. San Francisco’s Indie Pop Rock trio constructs driving beats accompanied by precision harmonies, sprinkled with funky guitar licks, leaving you no choice but to move your feet. Debuting as EagleWolfSnake, they’ve orchestrated a full-bodied sound that makes one wonder how there’s only three members in the band. At Bottom of the Hill, there was no lack of energy when they took the stage. Their stage presence demonstrated this integral brotherly chemistry, only accomplished by years of playing together. The catchy, upbeat melodies from songs like Whatever You Say keeps your body moving while chanting along to the anthem. Check out the music video below:

You can catch EagleWolfSnake performing all over the bay area in preparation for Napa Valley’s BottleRock festival in May, where they will certainly expand their Bay Area following.