Ticket Giveaway: The Hot Toddies & Rainbow Girls @ The Fillmore


We have two tickets to give away for Saturday January 31st as The Hot Toddies finally make their way onto the Fillmore stage. Sharing the night with three other local, all-female crews – Rainbow Girls, The Shes, and Kendra McKinley – this bill is sure to please.

The eternal appeal of The Hot Toddies, celebrating their 10th anniversary with this show, is in their ability to flip sweetness on it’s face while still oozing it. Their voices never step outside of that good-girl-next-door cadence as they lay lyrics like “Conversations keep passing me by / All I wanna do is sit around with you and get high / When you’re near me breathing you set my soul on fire / It’s too bad so sad I’m a blood sucking fucking vampire” on you. Breezy, dreamy surf pop blended with dark, bass-driven, rock that makes you blush and giggle.

Kendra McKinley opens with a rare solo performance. Another surf-popping girl group, The Shes support, with harmonies as tight as if they’ve been singing together since elementary school (which apparently they have). And Rainbow Girls close down the night with their whiskey-soaked, foot-stomping sound.

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