Song of the Day: “The Rain” by Oh Wonder


Oh Wonder, known as Wonder Wonder when we first posted about them, is that mysterious duo from the UK releasing a single track on the 1st of each month all year long. Yesterday, they released the 5th song, “The Rain,” and it keeps the impressive energy of the album moving, building up from last month’s melancholic (and heartbreakingly beautiful) ballad “All You Do.” Starting with an easy-listening, 70’s soft rock feel, the song layers in darker synths in mid-way through after the male-female vocals twist upwards in a continued showcase of melodic prowess.

It is one thing to say, “We want the music to speak for itself,” and not let details of the band’s individual stories or personalities intersect with the purity of the songs. They’re not the only band who has done this kind of thing, not even the only one doing it now. Yet, it is quite another thing for the music to actually stand this impressively on its own. The music DOES speak for itself.

These are gorgeously composed, performed, and produced songs, and with every new song, my hunger for this album grows. I can feel the arcing energy as themes emerge and melodic and lyrical patterns reveal themselves.  Maybe because it is all I know about this band, the music feels like a mini-opera. And I feel a lurching ache for the next scene.

With a combined 2.5 million listens for these 5 songs on Soundcloud, I have a feeling I’m not alone in this aching. Follow them here.