RÜFÜS DU SOL Wants You to get Lucky, Kills it at the Mezzanine


The wave of young Australian indie bands continues to roll through the streets of San Francisco, and the most recent surge left a packed house at the Mezzanine swimming in good vibes. RÜFÜS DU SOL went on just after midnight last Saturday and quickly showed us why they’ve been a familiar name atop the ARIA Charts the last 4 years.

LIVE 105’s DJ Aaron Axelsen, a common name in the Bay Area, kept the hive humming as blue smoke billowed through the room before the lazy, meandering ceiling lights went schitzo at 12:01. From there the boys went to work – prompting the dudes behind us brandishing glowing, oversized gummy bears to lose their minds. And fans didn’t have to wait long, as the second song they performed their latest hit single, “Sundream.” If this track doesn’t get you moving, nothing will.

On paper they are a dance band, but there is a major chill factor to their sound, and make no mistake about it, the talent is there. At a basic level, I would have to say that they are deeply influenced by that which covers 70% of the earth: water. This may seem like a lazy observation, but the way their xylophonic beats trickle down and ripple through the crowd is eerily reminiscent of a spring rain coming down on an alpine lake. This would also explain why their lyrics reference crossing expansive oceans and their music videos feature unreal visuals such as kaleidoscopic synchronized swimmers.

Listening to their album Atlas is like popping 1994’s Pure Moods into the ‘Ol 16 second skip-resistant Discman. Like last decade’s greatest compilation of feel good music (hey, I like it, ok?), it takes you on an epic journey and flat out just puts a smile on your face. Check out “Take Me” for a taste of that sound.

It’s also important to note that this is some serious baby makin’ music. Throughout the show, vocalist Tyrone Lindqvist was pouring honey in your ear, and if your significant other were nearby, you’d have been wise to bring him or her close. At one point, they even calmly dedicated a song to “all those who want to get lucky tonight.” Good looking out fellas.

Lindqvist’s smooth voice stirred into their sweet cocktail of drums, synths and guitar kept the dance floor at an easy simmer all night long, and sent us all home feeling lucky.