Photos: Lake Street Dive, Ages and Ages Thrill Sold-out Fillmore


Last night, The Fillmore hosted two fantastic sets from Lake Street Dive and Ages and Ages. We have been excited for this show for several weeks, but I have to admit that as a huge San Francisco Giants fan I was initially not happy to leave a big playoff game and head to the Fillmore. Luckily what I found there was some great music and a high energy crowd ready to dance and sing along.

I hadn’t yet seen the opener Ages and Ages, who hail from Portland, but I have been listening to their recent album Divisionary for the past week. Led by singer and guitarist Tim Perry, they play a feel-good folk rock that layers rounds of lyrics for an incredibly full sound. Instrumentally, they remind me of their fellow Portlandians The Decemberists, but the rich vocals bring me to the warm memories of singing with family and friends.

A great moment came when Ages and Ages was joined on stage by Lake Street Dive to end the set. I believe there were about nine people singing “Divisionary (Do the Right Thing)” at once:

Lake Street Dive took the stage next in what was a decided change-up in musical styles. Folk gave way to jazz, with lead singer Rachael Price’s incredibly acrobatic voice taking the audience on journey through everything from contemporary, indie jazz to the sounds of 60’s soul. Price’s voice seemed to gain momentum with each song, and by the end of the set was emerging from her body like a force of nature.

Their sound is polished and every member of the band sings on most songs, even the drummer. I personally was most moved on some of the slower songs when the guitar was sidelined for a trumpet and Price’s voice was really highlighted. They do an incredible, dark sultry cover of The Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back.” 

The quartet seemed genuinely happy to be here in San Francisco, citing that even in their early days it was one of the tour stops that helped them keep doing what they were doing musically. It’s also hard not to enjoy playing sets at both Hardly Strictly Bluegrass and The Fillmore in the same week. Don’t miss them next time they come to town.