Song of the Day: Mysterious UK Duo, Wonder Wonder With “Shark”


London-based Wonder Wonder is an enigma. In an age where big name acts are usually paired with a big story about their personal life, trials, or tribulations, this duo decided to try a different approach aimed at trying to let the music speak for itself.

The band has no website. No photos or biographical information on their Twitter or Facebook sites. All we know about them is that they are from the UK, and they are releasing one song every month for a year, culminating in a debut LP. When I emailed to ask why, they sent this reply:

We are keeping quiet for the moment because we feel that the songs, the writing, the production and the feel of the music should take the forefront of this project. We have both individually experienced what it’s like to be artists promoting ourselves as a brand, and how visuals and perceptions of artists can often affect the listener’s response to the actual art itself. Sometimes it can help, and sometimes it can corrupt. Music is the most important thing to us, good songwriting, good lyrics, interesting sounds – that is what we want to focus on.

Their track, “Shark,” arrived in my inbox a few days ago. It’s smooth, sweet, and evocative. It’s atmospheric like Stereolab and made me think of the Michigan-based Breathe Owl Breathe, who wander through SF every few months with gorgeously intertwined male-female vocals and quirky, rhythmic melodies. Both this track and its companion, “Body Gold,” are really good. I’m not alone in this opinion; “Shark” has racked up over 100,000 listens in less than a week.

Keeping your story silent is a tricky concept in this age of all-access to our celebrities, but I’m intrigued and have listened to their first two songs dozens of times. I will be eagerly awaiting next month’s installment. Track them on SoundCloud here.