The Dodos @ The Chapel


Last time I saw The Dodos was late in 2013, at a well-received Great American Music Hall performance. At that time, the songs chosen by the San Francisco band were mostly a collection from their last album, Carrier, which had been released a few months earlier. While no new material has been released since then, the show they played last Saturday at The Chapel (with Dylan Shearer as the opener) felt quite different; it wasn’t just the smaller size of the venue that allowed for a more intimate experience, but the fact that the band was not focusing on a particular album, taking requests from the audience and asking them to shout out whatever songs they wanted to hear (“Horny Hippies” was definitely one of the requests heard the loudest). A cool night that made me remember that, as Heraclitus once said, you can’t step twice into the same river.

Photos from the show: