Lake Street Dive, Ages and Ages Rock The Fillmore Tuesday October 7th


Tuesday October 7th, two groups with killer vocals and rhythm are taking over the world famous Fillmore for what is sure to be a fantastic show. I only recently discovered Lake Street Dive and opener Ages and Ages, but I am thoroughly impressed with their combination of young talent and old souls.

Tickets are still available here.

I first saw Lake Street Dive at First City Festival in Monterey last month, and the Boston-based four piece blew me away. I grew up listening to soul and gospel from the 60s and 70s, and lead singer Rachael Price’s voice invokes the legends of the past while also proving there is a place for soul in contemporary music. In addition to Price’s voice, which I fell in love with after her first note, the band provides solid rhythms and beautiful vocal harmonies. I love bands that feature trumpet and singing drummers. They nail it on both accounts.

WATCH: Lake Street Dive preform “You Go Down Smooth:”

Joining Lake Street Dive is Portland-based Ages and Ages. Formed in 2008 behind lead singer Tim Perry, the group has gone through a few personnel changes since then, and the current roster released a fantastic album this year, Divisionary. Like Lake Street Dive, Perry and the six piece band are a force vocally. They take lyrics and layer them in choral arrangements that are both intricate and rich. Instrumentally they support the vocals with a folk-pop base driven by catchy percussion, bass and guitar.

LISTEN: Ages and Ages preform “Light Goes Out” live: