BALANCED BREAKFAST music community birth & residency at NECK OF THE WOODS


Balanced Breakfast, a local music community organization, started less than a year ago with audio engineer Andy Freeman and SF Intercom/ Deli Radio Art Director/ Mutiny Radio DJ Stefan Aronsen getting a burger at Super Duper. After two meetings, Freeman clamored, “We should do this more regularly.” Aronson agreed, though added “It’s not viable for you and I to meet alone … Let’s invite our friends.” This birthed the regular Thursday morning breakfast meetings (at 8am so they know you are serious) of San Francisco music industry enthusiasts, from band managers, singers, writers, engineers, publicists, label execs and through the spectrum. The meetings create a community of shared knowledge, inspiration and a sense of team spirit in tackling issues of what the music scene needs and how it can be provided.

Expecting to max out at 5 or 6 in attendance, the biggest breakfast was 35 and over 200 have attended at one point or another, according to Aronsen. “We decided to do a residency to put to practice all the best practices we’ve talked about at breakfast. PLUS, there are a lot of VERY talented musicians attending each week and we wanted to highlight their skills.” So, Balanced Breakfast is presenting their debut residency showcase at Neck of the Woods EVERY Thursday this September at 8pm.

Neck of the Woods, formerly the Rockit Room, is off the classic beaten paths at 406 Clement Street in the inner Richmond. Radar beeps will be getting more intense for this venue. Remodeled, the space boasts a wide dance floor, intriguing lighting and great sound system making it a groovy performance room with two bar areas on both floors. Balanced Breakfast’s statement is simply “This is the first full-length concert, and one more step towards our efforts to help the industry become more viable by promoting local music.”

The showcases are priced friendly at $5 a show, or buy a month pass that includes all four shows and a drink ticket at each for just $20. This is a one stop shop for supporting local music. And research shows, as in the book The Tipping Point, that a strong sense of community makes you live longer and happier lives.

Schedule as follows:

The Oakland Mind (10:45-Out)
Friends W/O Benefits (10:00-10:30)
The Y Axes (9:15-9:45)
Growwler (8:30-9:00) 6pm-8pm: Breakfast for Dinner (Meet-Up & Happy Hour)

Dangermaker (10:45-Out)
Beautiful Machines (10:00-10:30)
The Damn Fanatics (9:15-9:45)
Bear Lincoln (8:30-9:00) 6pm-8pm: Breakfast for Dinner (Meet-Up & Happy Hour)

MartinLutherMcCoy (10:45-Out)
Kendra McKinley (10:00-10:30)
Eitch (9:15-9:45)
RZN8R (8:30-9:00) 6pm-8pm: Breakfast for Dinner (Meet-Up & Happy Hour)

The View From Bernal Hill (11:15 – Out)
D. Edward (10:30-11:00)
Travis Hayes / Jenna Lavoie / Jared Swanson (of Abbot Kinney) (9:30-10:15)
Katie Garibaldi / Miles Read / Aoede (8:30-9:15) 6pm-8pm: Breakfast for Dinner (Meet-Up & Happy Hour)