Buried Booze, Pee Boxes and Yeezus: The Only Outside Lands Printable Map You Need


Golden Gate Park can sometimes be a big and scary place during Outside Lands and if you don’t have a map you might not enjoy the show to the fullest.

This year, thanks to our creative lead,¬†Fabian, we took matters into our own hands to design¬†the ultimate Outside Lands printable map, “The Outsider’s Guide to Outside Lands.”

We focus on what’s really important:

  • Where to find Yeezus
  • Where to find buried booze
  • Where to find your homie who is always wandering off
  • Where to pee
  • Where to get your mack on

The Legend and Key to Our Guide


Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 9.36.05 AM

Download the full printable map HERE