HAMILTON LEITHAUSER’s Gospel at The Chapel


The Walkmen frontman, Indie rock prince and tall glass of water (in the 6’5″ area), Hamilton Leithauser, crooned his debut solo record, Black Hours, within the arches of The Chapel. Backed with The Walkmen’s Paul Maroon, Leithauser was casual and confident, sometimes with a hand in his pocket. He performed seamlessly with a voice you can count on to rise — from a Frank Sinatra, through a Julian Casablancas and around a Chris Martin, with a swagger and plowing yell all his own — barreling through tracks off Black Hours and throwing in some Walkmen classic’s like “We’ve Been Had.”

Black Hours is for all of time: vocals forward, emotional, fun, cool, sometimes with a 40’s-style string session, or a 60’s tambourine, or a dazzling xylophone, or African drumming. The music ranges from get up n’ go to bedtime melodies, while others are haunting, or sunshine daydreamy. The track most remnant of The Walkmen’s rock  is “I Don’t Need Anyone.”

If you have eclectic taste, and you somehow haven’t stumbled upon him yet, you should know and explore Hamilton Leithauser. It’s not EDM, but it will probably get your girlfriend to kiss you harder.