Why I Said Yes to Proposition Chicken at Outside Land’s Summer Pairings


We’re weeks away from Outside Lands Music Festival (August 8th-10th), but we’ve already gotten a taste. This past Wednesday Proposition Chicken (1750 Market) hosted the second of the festival’s Summer Pairings, a Bay Area pop-up food and music series. Guests were treated to a four-course dinner and a chef-curated musical playlist of the festival’s lineup, along with beer pairings by Firestone Walker Brewing Company.

Proposition Chicken, from the owners of Hayes Valley’s Straw, is led by husband and wife duo, Maura and Ari Feingold. Unlike the couple’s kooky, carnival themed restaurant, Ari explains that Proposition Chicken is themeless. But he’s selling himself short. Dinner consisted of a kale salad, matzo ball soup, either fried or roasted chicken and a chocolate popsicle egg that Ari says is his attempt at a Cadbury Creme Egg. It’s comfort food. It’s your mother’s Friday night Shabbat (minus the Easter candy). When I took a bite of the soup, Disclosure’s “Help Me Lose My Mind” prophetically playing in the background, I became Anton Ego, the esteemed food critic in Pixar’s Ratatouille, sent instantly back to childhood memories. It was that good. I told Ari my step-mother would be jealous, and internally, wondered if she’d think I’ve betrayed her.

Four years ago the city debated the benefits of this “noisy” and “overcrowded” festival, but today that seems silly now. Thanks to the Outside Lands’ Summer Pairing series, I’ve discovered a new family run business in San Francisco. With hundreds of featured Bay Area restaurants, artists and vendors alike, the festival not only provides attendees a way to discover new musicians, but also the city’s other cultural offerings.

The final Summer Pairing will take place Tuesday, July 29th at the Beast and the Hare (1001 Guerrero) in the Mission. The dinner centers around a rather intriguing, worldly pairing: Italian delicacies such as charcuterie, offal, and grilled meats served alongside Japanese-style rice wine from Portland purveyor SakéOne. To purchase tickets, go here.

For a refresher on Outside Lands’ lineup, check out why we can’t wait. Also, we’d love to hear what you’re most excited to try or hear at Outside Lands this year.