Wolves In The Throne Room @ Slim’s (Live Preview)


The Olympia, Washington black metal band Wolves In The Throne Room is currently on a Summer west coast tour for their new album Celestite and will be at Slim’s on Thursday July 17th.  Though the music of brothers Aaron and Nathan Weaver checks all the genre’s boxes — heavily distorted flying-V guitars, long unkept hair, and Scandinavian influences — Wolves have also gained a dedicated following by breaking the mold.  You won’t see these guys in corpse paint, or leading Satanic prayers, and moshing and flash photography are frowned upon for their audiences.  WITTR’s music is about more than aggression.   Between the shrieking and bass drum sixteenth notes, the music has a strong foundation in Washington’s natural beauty, as evidenced by the band’s arboreal album art and tendency to go glacially minimalist.  They’ve been described as “eco-metal” and “astral black metal.”