Tycho Wows Boiler Room Fans in SF Takeover


While I’ve seen Tycho perform a few times in the past, I definitely had never experienced a show from Scott Hansen, the SF-based producer and visual artist behind the name, quite like this. I’m pretty sure the last time I saw Tycho was in college, and I was most likely over-served and unable to fully appreciate the incredible show transcending in front of me.

Not the case this time, though. Performing a set with his live band in tow for a streamed Boiler Room audience viewing across the globe, I was lucky enough to sneak away from a long day to see it recorded live with about 20 other people at a funky little Airbnb rented studio, complete with a massive buffalo head on the wall. I did not feel nearly cool enough to be there, but it was awesome. The Boiler Room stream was sponsored by Sky Vodka and served up some girly cocktails in bright blue glasses with flashing lights that nearly gave me a stroke every time I took a sip. (Don’t worry – no strokes.)

Christopher Willits played a short DJ set that was super chill and ambient before Tycho came on. I had never heard his music before, but would recommend checking him out, although he was a little more low key than I’m normally into.

Once Tycho took the stage, the energy immediately surged. Tycho’s typical dream-like melodies resounded powerfully with the support of the live band. Accompanied by Rory O’Connor on the drums, who cruuuushed it, Zac Brown on guitar & bass, and Joe Davancens rocking the bass and keyboard with his eyes shut, Tycho truly took everyone in the room to another realm. Since Hasen doesn’t always play with the live band, it was pretty incredible to see them all together. I also didn’t realize until now that the the drummer, Rory O’Connor, is also the drummer for Com Truise.

The music completely filled the space and it was really a 360 degree experience, with the audience grooving while Tycho’s whimsical imagery canvased the wall behind them. Honestly, the graphics were nearly as captivating as the music, and the fact that Scott creates it all himself makes it even cooler.

Next Wednesday, tune in as Giraffage and Les Sins (aka Toro Y Moi) will take the decks for Boiler Room SF.