Nightmares On Wax Live


George Evelyn, aka Nightmares On Wax (NOW), is celebrating 25 years of making music with Warp Records. He’s touring all over the world promoting his recently released double CD called N.O.W Is The Time. The CD is a compilation of NOW hits dating back to 1989. During the tour, Evelyn is accompanied by vocalists Ricky Ranking and Mozez (Zero 7), and drummer Grant Kershaw. Together, they brought to life 25 years worth of classics at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco on Saturday night.

Early songs such as “Les Nuit” and “You Wish” kept the crowd immersed in those smooth downtempo beats, hypnotizing everyone in the room. Soon, the air was filled with bliss and medical smoke. The geometric visuals triggered by Evelyn in his DJ booth only enhanced the ‘chillout’ vibe everyone was enjoying.

After the crowd got comfortable, Evelyn knew the perfect time to kick it into gear and get the party going. Once his headphones came off and the microphone turned on, he rushed the stage igniting the room with energy. He danced with the other two vocalists, hyping up the crowd and working the whole stage together. Elements of funk and reggae blended seamlessly with the powerful bass blasting out the speakers. With hands in the air and heads bobbin up and down, the crowd reciprocated the energy back to the stage. The big industrial fans on either sides of the stage couldn’t penetrate the hot n’ heavy air emitting from the dance floor.

It was clear that after 25 years, Evelyn’s passion for music and performance was still vibrant. That passion left everyone in the venue a little happier and sweaty.

Check out the N.O.W Is The Time Documentary: