Photos: Emoh of What So Not Ignites 1015 Folsom


Thursday night, Emoh Instead (Chris Emerson) — DJ, Producer, and one half of the Sydney-based duo What So Not that also includes Flume (Harley Streten) — dropped a massive set on a raucous, sweaty, and almost universally out of it crowd at 1015 Folsom.

As a duo, What So Not does not shy away from the bass. Their songs can best be described as a hyperactive take on trap music. They recently released songs under the EP The Quack  and are promising to release more new material soon. Emoh ended his set with the duo’s popular single “Jaguar,” which turned the crowd into a sea of jumping bodies and pumping fists. 

I had some trouble with the guest list at the door and didn’t see the whole set, but from what I did see I was impressed. I’d like to see Emoh and Flume together next time, maybe in an outdoor festival setting.

Check out “Jaguar:”