The Kazbah Fundraiser: Rob Garza & James Teej


The Kazbah fundraiser was the first time the collective organized a public event beyond The Playa. The crowd consisted of the diversity Burning Man tends to offer. From break dancers, to House Heads, to Burners, people were getting their dance on, rubbing shoulders and other body parts to the hypnotic music at Public Works.

I met two ladies at Friday night’s event who were big fans of Thievery Corporation. They confessed to me that they came to see Rob Garza (Thievery Corporation) and weren’t sure what to expect from the other artists. I assured them, if they like to dance, then they’d have a great time. Not long after, I saw them up front and center in the main room, jumping up and down, waving their hands, and pumping fists to the beats blasting out of the speakers. Soon, they were swallowed up by the energetic mass of bodies.

The artists who got the party started in the main room consisted of Hoj, Mark Slee, and Papa Lu. Accompanying their electronic beats were impressive visuals provided by All Of It Now, which enhanced the music experience with kick-ass lasers and diverse projected imagery. Meanwhile, the party continued upstairs in The Loft where James Teej, Chemical Ali, and Elz kept the crowd on the same spirited vibe. James Teej provided his signature beats that pulsate through your ears and out your feet. With the right amount of peaks and valleys, his style is methodical in every song.

In contrast, Rob Garza seems to have more of an organic approach to his music. Inspired by his travels, he translates his experiences into rhythms that get funky and groove one minute, then dark and spacey the next, while still keeping the beat moving. It’s this dynamic that gets the audience absorbed in the music.

Considering that this is the first public event the Kazbah has organized, I’d say it was a great success. They gave everyone a taste of what’s to come at Burning Man 2014. So if you’re headed to The Playa this August, be sure to seek out the Kazbah sound camp. Just look for the 40-foot tall DJ booth with music pumping out of it.