Rejoice! Caribou announces New Album, hear the first track now


Photo by Dan Dennison/NME

Following up his critically-acclaimed, perfectly-executed full-length Swim in 2010, Caribou has (finally) announced a new album that is set to be released October 8th. The album title is Our Love, with a track list that seems to imply the almost complete separation of themes and motifs of his previous record.

From a personal standpoint, this is extremely exciting news, as the Swim record was a personal favorite and has easily topped the charts of my iTunes and Spotify play count lists over the past four years. As if the announcement weren’t enough, we’ve also been given the opportunity to hear the first track off the record, which is titled, ‘Can’t Do Without You.’

Is anyone else as excited as we are?

‘Our Love’ track listing:

‘Can’t Do Without You’
‘All I Ever Need’
‘Our Love’
‘Second Chance’
‘Julia Brightly’
‘Back Home’
‘Your Love Will Set You Free’