RODRIGO Y GABRIELA :: Boil Down to Fresh Water


Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero have come along way from busking on the streets of Dublin via Mexico City. A testament was Friday night’s sold out show at the Fox. It’s been a long time since a duo of guitars and nothing more –not even a voice — commanded such a rally. I don’t really know how long it’s been but they are like sweet fresh water in these times of Skrillex, cleansing from today’s electronic overloadA welcomed refreshment of basics with shredding.

Rodrigo y Gabriela‘s fused style of metal flamenco with primal earthly undertones is a genre of music you may not be able to put a perfect finger on, but is perfectly executed.  A fury of fingers plucking every note right with hands that click and knock enough to satisfy a desire for a back line of drumming and melodic tones that strings everything together. R y G are synchronized gold medalists of sure footed rhythms. Oh and the visuals? The visuals were awesome, massive, scaling, moving, transforming art and I’ll leave it at that because you should go and see.

About every fourth song some comments would be shared. Gabriela proudly admitted she is from the village in Shawshank Redemption that Tim Robbins, and later Morgan Freeman, finally escapes to. She shared their recent accomplishments of doing soundtracks for Pirates of the Caribbean, Shrek and Puss in Boots. She is also pleased with their latest record 9 Dead Alive that brought the duo back to their musical core — two guitar — that’s it. “No more metronome, I hate it.” She said with a laugh. Rodrigo said “fucking” in about every sentence, but with a smile and in gratitude.

The two of them exuded pure joy performing like kids and pro’s, stepping into the reality that they are making it.