Disclosure Cures One Man’s Cold – A Review and Photos



On Friday morning I woke up with a scratch in my throat, by night’s end I was running a fever and had little-to-no-energy. No, this isn’t a sympathy call, just an ode to the fairly talented and cohesive UK brothers, Disclosure. Who, after what I gave ‘only’ a slightly above average performance rating at the Treasure Island Music Festival last year, absolutely killed on Friday night at the Greek Theater.

The evening was kicked-off in an almost mini-festival like way, with Bishop Nehru, Kaytranada, Claude Von Stroke and Justin Martin all performing before the duo took stage.

Fifteen minutes prior to Disclosure’s set, I could feel myself finding one of those rare moments when you somehow forget you are ill and simply are able to enjoy what it is you’re trying to do. Maybe it’s enjoying a good movie or a warm cup of tomato soup – on Friday night it was Disclosure’s enthralling performance that allowed me to disregard my maladies. From the moment they took the stage, the crowd was ecstatic and energetic. “F’ For You” was a welcomed beginning, as they blazed into crowd favorites like “When A Fire Starts To Burn,” and “White Noise.”¬†Their mix of live percussion, pianos, sampling, and bass filled the spring air and bursted throughout the circular walls of the Greek. The night was capped off with an epic appearance by Sam Smith, closing out their set to the collaborative single “Latch.”

The group is currently on world-tour spanning several countries, but will be back in August of this year for our beloved Outside Lands Festival!