Photos: Odesza Electrifies Crowd @ The Independent


Friday night Seattle production group Odesza took the stage at the Independent in front of a sold out crowd that packed closely to the front to catch a glimpse. The electronic duo of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight teamed up in 2012 while attending Western Washington University, and have a generated a style of flowing ambient melodies and electronic beats that are heavy on pitch changes. Like most acts that come off more mellow in recordings, Odesza’s live takes their music to a higher, more immersive level. Both Mills and Knight would pump up their set by switching between a beat machine and drum pads to build the rhythms. The crowd’s response brought the dance floor alive with dancers.

Check out Odesza for yourself and don’t miss them when they come back to the Bay. Below is “How Did I get Here” of their debut album Summer’s Gone. You could probably describe it to your parents as someone “remixing” that Pure Moods CD that sold millions on TV.