THE SOUNDS rumble The Regency Ballroom


The Sounds. I did not know. I was not ready. How did this band of 16 years slip between my jaded fingers? Swedish lead babe Maja Ivarsson was cool from the start: black leather jacket (like me), white shirt (like me), heels (like me), hair pulled back with bangs (like me) — I love me, she was IN and that’s not just why. Ivarsson lit a cigarette on the Regency’s stage, which is her law-given right under a cabaret license, and, when finished, flicked it strong and long into the crowd. Why does this activity rile us so?

The Sounds fans are an adoring bunch. It’s 80’s synth galore slashed with power rock, punk, and anthems, which made a nice indie, post-punk, new-wave revival soup. People were moving full on. I’m talking 50 year old women ruling the school with their moves out there; men hootin’ and hollering; 20 year olds swaying and banging their long locks in their faces. This show was pure energy and the chick is a torch holder– a real deal rock n roller. She sipped a can of beer and flung the rest straight to the back of the crowd. Who flings, like a football, a full can off of stages anymore? This broad simply don’t give a f***, and we like this. It’s also only fair to add that the entire band was wholeheartedly vibing it and never missed a beat. Thank you Sounds.

Their latest album, Weekend, is out now and they are clearly ready to be heard– or else.

See a clip from the show right here — >


Photos and video by Victoria Smith