Tycho’s Dream Comes True With Sold Out Fillmore Show w/ Trails and Ways


San Francisco based Tycho (Scott Hansen) gave the hometown crowd a thrill Thursday night at The Fillmore, telling fans that playing the sold out venue was “a dream come true.” Hansen, who produces ambient-leaning electronic music under the moniker Tycho, brought his studio creations to life with the help of a drummer, guitarist and bassist. The lush mix of guitar riffs, electronic beats and intense drumming felt similar to shows put on by M83, but without lyrics.

Hansen is also a visual artist and each song was accompanied by a blend of video and graphic design projected on a screen two stories high behind the stage. Mellow melodies played out on guitar and synthesizer were accompanied by highly-saturated, slow motion footage of birds flying, surfers and other mind-bending, kaleidoscope video creations. The spectacle was truly performance art.

You can get a sense of the experience with the video here:

Tycho “Ascension” from Charles Bergquist on Vimeo.

Tycho also has a new album out called Awake you can stream it here:

Also preforming was Trails and Ways, which I should disclose is one of my favorite local bands. The group is from Oakland and they play a fantastic blend of indie rock, synth beats and bossa nova from Brazil. There is a lot to love about this group. Who doesn’t love a drummer that sings? (Happy birthday Ian!) Check out pics of Trails and Ways on the second page of the gallery.

Check out my favorite track “Como Te Vas” from the album Trilingual: