Behind the Visuals of Yassou Benedict’s “In Fits in Dreams.”



For many of us music is visual. Our aural senses convert tones into colors and memories. Yet, rarely on a music blog do we read about the perspective of a filmmaker creating a music video.

Gary Yost is a local Bay Area filmmaker that was approached by Lilie Bytheway-Hoy of the local indie band Yassou Benedict to make a video for the band’s song “In Fits in Dreams.” In the process of sharing the video with us, Yost explained how he conceived of the video that was filmed at eight different locations throughout San Francisco and southern Marin.

“The lyrics to the song drove the narrative,” explained Yost. “Lilie’s approach to singing lyrics is interesting in that she keeps them very vague and open to interpretation. But if you read them as written, they are extremely insightful.”

“In Fits in Dreams”

I saw my mother
looking back at me
In the mirror
her eyes lit
In my fits and dreams

She said
Son I know where you have been
Its not alright
to run from what’s ahead

For a minute if I stay,
Oh my fear
Is what you wake
From your outer space
And Ill pay for it

For the light to fade away
Cus in my dreams I –
But it is nothing I can say
And Im paying for it

Who are you
Who are you
You are my frontier
I am your
Your only
In between what is

After being approached by Lilie, Yost said he stepped back–trying to visualize his own dreams. “I frequently move from place to place in the same dream, not knowing how I got there. I used that feeling of spatial discontinuity to build a storyboard about what it’s like to be in your twenties, living in SF in an indie band, traveling on the MUNI, occasionally getting out of the city to Mt. Tam and the Headlands, escaping to Ocean Beach, etc. And how all those experiences can become a melange of feelings when dreaming. I hope that I achieved this feeling, because that’s what it is… a feeling of dreaming.”

Watch the video below and let us know if you think he captured the lyrics in the comment section.

“In Fits in Dreams” – Yassou Benedict from Gary Yost on Vimeo.