We Want It Loud! A Review of Chappo at the Chapel


Last Thursday the Chapel hosted a band I’ve been getting really excited about lately, Chappo. If you do one thing today, go listen to this band. Pour yourself a drink, crank the volume up to 10 (your neighbors will like this, I promise), and get ready to be impressed and probably emotionally effected. Chappo bleeds originality, being the kind of band that not only gives off, but openly promotes and invites a more in-tune and spiritual experience.

The Brooklyn-based band is at the front end of a U.S. tour, with stops in Seattle, Portland, and Denver up next. Led by frontman Alex Chappo, the band — who recently finished a tour with Imagine Dragons — has an absolute monster stage presence that is undeniable. They pull you in, make you dance, and leave you wanting more.

Chappo recently released their new single “I Don’t Need the Sun” off their upcoming album Future Former Self. They came out of the gates hard Thursday night with an “I’m Not Ready” opener that immediately got the crowd (or me at least) dancing. The night was as a solid mix of old and new material, a highlight for me being the next song they played (off their album Moonwater) “Shots Fired.” This song lights a fire under your feet but is one of the eeriest songs I’ve heard, evoking an almost psychedelic feeling — something the band does particularly well and often.

Playing a few hits like “Hell No”, “5-0”, and finishing up with a fantastic “Come Home”, which appeared in an iPod commercial a few years back, the band also was able to dive into some of their newer material like “Hang On”,  and “Mad Magic.”

To put it bluntly, Chappo is a band that has so much organic energy and creative originality that it’s impossible not to feel something. They’re really on to something that a lot of bands lose sight of: translating raw emotion into musical form. They approach their live shows as more of an experience, rather than just another regurgitated form of a recorded album.

You can check out a few of my Chappo favorites below, but their entire library is all fantastic and really diverse — so be sure to visit their SoundCloud page. I HIGHLY recommend seeing these guys out if you can — check out their whole tour schedule here.