‘Feels Like Bradbury’ Mixtape



I made this mixtape as an ode to Ray Bradbury, having read three of his novels in the past two months. I find his writing extremely relevant to where we are as a society at this juncture in time. His visual imagery is full of stark realities, hopeful futures, and inconclusive landscapes that inspire you to think objectively. I felt the low hums of the wobbly synth bass and the borderline-screeching chalk based snares of the LA Beats movement and like-minded sounds would play out perfectly into a reality such as Bradbury’s. This mix started out as a creative thought process, and slowly transformed into a singular 45 minutes stream of music. Shout out to my girl for gifting me my first Ray Bradbury book and giving me the extra push to put this out.

I included a track list with a rough timeline, so if a particular track piques your interest you can check it out!

Track Listing:

Open – Flying Lotus – “Me yesterday // chorded”

3:05 – Com Truise – “VHS Sex”

5:09 – Mount Kimbie – “Ruby”

7:40 – Flying Lotus – “MmmHmm”

8:50 – Com Truise – “’84 Dreamin”

10:30 – Daftside – “Beyond”

12:40 – TEAMS vs Star Slinger – “Close To Me”

14:18 – Darkside – “The Only Shrine I’ve Seen”

18:50 – Atoms For Peace – “AMOK”

21:03 – Yr Skull – “Monolux”

24:09 – The XX Jamie XX Remix // “Sunset”

25:20 – Disclosure – “When A Fire Starts To Burn”

28:00 – SBTKRT – “Pharaohs”

30:53 – Hot Chip – “And I Was A Boy From School”

36:10 – Jiggabits – “Buried In The Ground (Jason Kid Remix)”

37:20 – Washed Out – “Echoes”

40:50 – Gil-Scot Heron and Jamie XX – “I’ll Take Care of You”