!!! Proves Dance-punk is Alive and Well in SF


When I think of !!! (pronounced ChkChkChk, and this is the name you search by the way) I think of three things: Funk, inappropriately short shorts, and dancing. The band plays a type of dance-punk that can go from calm to a furious crescendo at any moment. They did not disappoint on Saturday night, at The Chapel, as they involved the crowd with a blend of electronic beats and funky guitar riffs.

Clad in his trademark throwback 80’s shorts, vocalist Nic Offer was already down in the crowd getting the dance party started during the very first song. Music is only half of the experience: a big part of seeing !!! live is loosing yourself in dance. Sometimes the lyrics are unintelligible, but Nic’s outrageous and hilarious dance moves are always on point, which creates an infectious environment and gets the whole floor dancing.

Bottom line: If you are looking to dance, you can’t go wrong with !!!.

The band teased some new music on stage, but mainly played classics and songs off their 2013 release Thr!!!er, such as “Even When the Water’s Cold”: