Until The End with Jake Bugg & Albert Hammond Jr at Fox Theater



Brooklyn’s The Skins consist of three siblings and two friends, none over 21. They sound as if Black Sabbath slept with Soul on the first date. Like a funky Winehouse-Hendrix singing over a Motown Sabbath concoction. Sometimes their music softens, and slow to disco groove. They have a lot of vibes going on and they look groovy too. I hope I made a description soup you can sip.

Albert Hammond Jr. seemed most comfortable when he rocked the punk elements to his tracks. He’s new at being a front man, so his sometimes shy-on-the-mic didn’t offend me. Strokes’ guitar nuances would poke out like a garter belt from under a nun’s skirt, but really Hammond has created a sound of his own. Hammond’s new release is from Julian Casablancas‘s Cult Records. ¬†Check out his video below “Justice,” which features him having sex and getting a real good slap.


Photos by Victoria Smith. 

Anyone can be made to sound good on a studio album, give or take. Jake Bugg is more impactful live. Even as a solemn performer, there is a constant wail in his truly unique voice that is captivating. Not even cynical me can take that away. I presume Rick Ruben heard it too, when Bugg (19-years-old) went into his studio to record two tracks. Ruben ended up pulling an album out of him. He’s got a Pulk voice. What’s Pulk you ask? Oh, a genre term I made up in Berlin last summer that marries punk and folk. He’s kind of a little classic already. There’s a lot of terrific folky songwriters out there, but Bugg has got an x-factor voice. I stayed til the end.

Listen to Jake Bugg “Broken.”