CHRVCHES Power the Fox Theater With Energy – Photos & Review


Photographs by Morgan Henshaw

Sunday was a perfect day for CHRVCHES as they kicked their U.S. Tour at the Fox Theater. The Scottish synthpop trio took to the stage in Oakland Sunday night in front of a sold out  venue. The mood was electric from the start as the buzz around the group has been steadily building since the September release of album The Bones of What you Believe.

As lead vocalist Lauren Mayberry walked across the stage she may have seemed slight in stature, but once she began to sing she commanded the attention of hundreds of excited fans. One of the more impressive things about CHVRCHES is the variety of sounds instrumentalists Iain Cook and Martin Doherty can produce beyond the standard synthpop arrangements with synthesizers, samplers, guitar and bass. The set mixed soulful pieces like “Tether” that built to a fever pitch with high energy dance songs such as “Recover.”

CHVRCHES also spent a good amount of time talking to the crowd and was obviously excited to be kicking off their tour. They were also thrilled to see sun in November, being from Glasgow and all!

Earlier this month the group released a new video for Lies which you can find here:

Big thanks to Morgan Henshaw who stepped in and took photos when my camera malfunctioned at the worst possible time.