SF Outside Lands Playlist of Bands You Might Not Know


Outside Lands 2013 – The Lesser Knowns from theSFCritic on 8tracks Radio.

Let’s be honest: You’re going to see Paul McCartney–or at least, you thought about seeing Paul McCartney, but Pretty Lights seem much more¬†Friday!!¬†Maybe you’ll do both. But what about at 12:30 or 3pm, when the festival is just getting under way? Most of us know the headliners, but many of the bands performing earlier in day might be–‘new.’ (Other words to describe it might be ‘baffling,’ ‘surprising,’ ‘interesting,’ or ‘not-as-good-as-last-year-at-the-same-time.’)

Don’t fret. We put together a small list of the bands we’d suggest checking out during the early parts of the day. Our favorites, or not to be missed, include Rhye, Jessie Ware, Gary Clark Jr, Ms Mr, and The Heavy. (We’re excited for Friday.)

Who are you excited for?