6 Things You can Expect at Outside Lands Music Festival this weekend…



1. Daft Punk….No really…


2. Unbelievable food.

Not kidding. This is where the Outside Lands Music Festival shines. We’re food snobs–and damn proud of it. (Wanna fight about it?) Naturally, some of the Bay Area’s best food purveyors from restauranteurs like Farmstead and Rich Table, to top notch food trucks like Brass Knuckle and Señor Sisig, will be serving hot dishes to coat your stomach for all that wine you can drink in “wine lands.”


3. Nile Rodgers & CHIC replacing D’Angelo.

Yes. It happened. We’re sad. D’Angelo will not be appearing in the park this weekend “due to a medical emergency.” Not to worry, CHIC wrote about 73.5% of the greatest disco/dance songs ever written. Tell me I’m lying. No really, tell me I’m lying.


4. Smartphone Jockeys

A buncha buttheads watching Paul McFreakin’Cartney through their Vine & Instagram recordings. People: it’s 2013. The resolution of your Samsung Galaxy S4 might be 10x better than my flip phone, but put it away. There are photographers thirty feet the stage with much better cameras than you and they only shoot the first three songs. No need to hold your phone up a 1,000 feet from the stage trying to record Dave Chappelle’s guest appearance. (“Hey, you see the dot…that’s Chappelle. Serious!”)


5. Predictably unpredictable weather.

Tourists take note of a known secret amongst of yocals: if the neighborhood has ‘sun’ in it’s title, it’s not sunny. Golden Gate Park is in the ‘Sunset.’ Comprende? Pack a sweater, a thin sweater, a boa, a rain jacket, some wools sockets, sunglasses (it could happen) and a pint of whiskey.


6. MUNI will suck–even more

But who cares, because traffic is even worse. Don’t try and cross the bridge at 10pm after two too many beers because the six miles across are not going to be any fun either! Buddy up with someone nearby, take a cab or just have a plan B (like a party nearby) because come closing time, getting home won’t be easy!