Watch Fyfe’s Video for “Conversation” and Listen to Solace EP


Everyday, everyday people, struggle to get by. “Come on feet don’t fail me now…” We wander through life with nothing more than a hope that we have a direction. “All this time I didn’t know who I was meant to be.” Questions swirl around us like unshakeable gnats that arrive at dusk. “I would lay my head down till sense has been found.”

These uncertainties arise  like motifs in Fyfe’s debut EP, Solace. It’s easy to imagine Fyfe (Paul Dixon) walking down empty streets at night caught within the web of his thoughts. While young at the age of 23, Dixon made his formal debut as David Lyre, but struggled with his label about distribution. His new EP, which you can stream below, is all that is currently available. Lyrically, on Solace, Fyfe seems to be searching for questions about himself and life. Sonically, his high pitched vocals rise above the dark hitting tones on “Conversations” (featured above), but brisky move across the bubbly synths on “St. Tropez”  garnering him comparisons to Miike Snow.