Watch Washed Out’s “It All Feels Right”


I remember when I was fourteen: I hadn’t a care in the world. It was summer. Days began when I awoke and ended when my eyes teared up from staring at a computer screen or television late into the night. I would spend my summers across the street with my neighbor. In the mornings our parents would go to work, leaving us alone to our own devices. We’d create obstacle courses out of deflated gym balls, wrestle in the backyard pool until our hands shriveled, and bike through the neighborhood with no destination. We didn’t care.

I remember most the heat. On the hottest days the asphalt would burn the soles of my feet, and if I stayed out too long my skin would eventually feel pricked by the sun’s rays; but still, we laid in the grass–letting time and the cloud drift by.

It’s time like those, or even as I reflect, that seem to resonate most with Washed Out’s newest single “It All Feels Right” from their upcoming album, Paracosm, which is scheduled for release on August 13th.  You can pre-order it now.