Watch – Tyler The Creator “IFHY”


If I said to Tyler the Creator that I thought his material was “growing up,” I image he’d slap me across the face and say “bitch please.” As one of the leaders of the OFWGKA crew,  the “horror-core” rapper seems to have chilled his tone on “IFHY.” It’s not like Wolf Haley hasn’t sung a few broken hearted tracks. But on “IFHY” (I fucking hate you) Tyler laments the emotional instability of being in love, without the gory references. It’s angry, honest, but not over the top like: “fucking it in my white van, beat her with white night stand until I give her gashes until it’s nothing but the white meat” off of “Creator Oblivion.” The track features Pharrell and is off Tyler’s upcoming album Wolf, which is scheduled to be released on April 2nd.

Is this change a part of the public reception? Is this an isolated example? I’m interested to here the rest of the album.