Slacker Unveils New Music Service at Madrone Studios



The Silver Sun Pickups played host to the evening last Tuesday night, as streaming service, Slacker, kicked off their new and improved app campaign at Madrone Studios in the Mission. The new service, which was officially announced on February 13th, brought to life many features the company had in the works for quite some time. Highlights included the new tile based design, even more radio customization, and a new pay scale that gives you some great options on the go.

The service has it’s eyes set on the expanding Spotify and Pandora markets. Set-apart features include the ability to mix in live sports or news updates into your existing traditional music stations, as well as the ability to play on nearly every platform (including xbox and web).

The overall design, however, felt to be a bit sub-par to that of Spotify. We applaud them for their use of the tile-based system, but switching between lists and genres is a bit cumbersome and excessive at times. If you’re in the hunt for a new streaming music service, we suggest you take all of the companies up on their free offer and see exactly which one appeals to you and your needs most.

The night was capped off by worthy performance by the Silver Sun Pickups, check below for a few photos!