Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Foxygen and Wampire at Great American Music Hall



Next Wednesday, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Foxygen, will take the stage at the Great American Music Hall. And while everyone is abuzz about the two bands, it’s worth taking note of the other band on the billing: Wampire. The Portland band signed to Polyvinyl, home to Unknown Mortal Orchestra and STRFKR, are a perfect fit with their reverb drenched, 80s rock nostalgia. In addition to making good music, the guys have a great sense of humor (see image above). Ok, I know what you’re thinking: what’s with the name?

SF Critic (SFC): How did you chose the name “Wampire?”

Wampire: It all started several years ago when Eric and I were children. We had found an archaic Ouija board under his parents house and couldn’t resist its tempting magical powers. We unearthed it and discovered that it wasn’t any normal Ouija board, but that this one must have predated that of a Milton & Bradley stamp. We did what any two curious teenagers would do. We lit candles, smudged our surroundings to ward off the demons, and began our seance.

We called upon Eric’s great great great grandfather Dr. Emmett Lathrop Brown, who among many other things invented the ice cube. He spoke to us and told us “the way of the world is with the Wampire.” I immediately pissed myself uncontrollably and when I came to I tossed the board in the fire, which burned a purple flame and screeched at us as if some tortured soul was finally being released, and I ran home crying. We never spoke of it again.

Makes complete sense…