Muse at Oracle Orena Photos and Review


Considering the profusely energetic show Muse put on Monday night, it’s crazy to think that the band has been around for almost twenty years. The show was sheer madness, as Muse rocked a packed Oracle Arena for the second time in three years. This time around, the performance was to promote their latest release, The 2nd Law.

I was there, front row, when they last played Oracle in 2010 and also at the Vegoose Festival, in Las Vegas, in 2007. Each time, I have been blown away by Muse’s amazing ability to perform. Listening to their recorded music, one could only hope for the vivid intricacies and epic sound would transcend into a solid live show. Muse delivers, beyond expectations, with every performance and Monday night was a testament to that.

Opening the night was English rock group, Band of Skulls. Although the band has been together since 2004, the last couple years have been glittery with success. They performed at Coachella 2012 and are now on tour playing to Muse their blues rock vibe.

At 8:15 sharp, smoke machines fed the crowd clouds of whiteness as Muse took the stage. At first, the setup was simple: a few mic stands and a drum kit. This simplicity was immediately shattered with a terrific laser and light show. The stage went through several transformations throughout the night. The most eye opening of them was when the inverted step pyramid light structure came down from the ceiling becoming an upright step pyramid on the stage floor, engulfing Muse as the trio shred on their instruments.

Frontman, Matt Bellamy, absolutely killed it on guitar and piano. He glowed with energy throughout the 20 song set giving a performance that would make Freddy Mercury proud. Both Dominic Howard (drums) and Chris Wolstenholme (bass) were impressively precise. Wolstenholme shined as he played harmonica to open “Knights of Cydonia” and later sung lead vocals for “Liquid State” (a song he wrote about his recovery from alcoholism).

The crowd thoroughly enjoyed every song. Some fans were singing along so loudly I couldn’t hear Bellamy at times. Crowd favorites were probably “Plug In Baby”, “Starlight” and “Survival”–it was honestly hard to tell due to the constant uproar of approval.

1. The 2nd Law: Unsustainable
2. Supremacy
3. Hysteria (Star Spangled Banner Intro)
4. Panic Station
5. Supermassive Black Hole
6. Resistance
7. Animals
8. Knights of Cydonia
9. Monty Jam
10. Sunburn
11. Time is Running Out
12. Liquid State
13. Madness
14. Follow Me
15. Undisclosed Desires
16. Plug In Baby
17. New Born

18. Uprising

(Encore 2)
19. Starlight
20. Survival