Live Review: Jessie Ware @ the Rickshaw Stop


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Let me start by saying that I feel like I got really lucky the other night. It’s not very often you get an opportunity to see the rise of a star. I mean, I wish I got to see the Rolling Stones, Frank Ocean, or even Kanye West when they were just starting out? Once an artist hits a certain level of popularity, it’s almost impossible to catch them at a small, intimate show. Last night, I felt that I got to see a small piece of history. When Jessie Ware took the stage at the Rickshaw Stop it was instantly noticeable that she has what it takes to make a lasting career. And if my guess is correct, she’ll never play a stage this small again.

Opening the night’s set with the title track from her new album Devotion, she quickly sang her way into our hearts. The sold out crowd was instantly captivated and ready for all that was to come next. As the night went on, we were graced with a voice so special it reached the likes of Sade and Beyonce. And let it be known that it wasn’t only her voice that we fell in love with: what also made us sway back and forth was the classic 90s feel to her music. Obviously influenced by that era of R&B and soul, Jessie knows just how to flip it and bring us a similar classic sound that’s modern and all her own. It’s the paring of her voice and the electronic beats that make it such a success.

Throughout the night Jessie was laughing with us about how cool it was to be in “San Fran.” The crowd made her “giggle” and she made us dance. It was all so adorable to watch her in between songs, chatting with the audience, telling them that she loved them and thanking them as if they had personally invited her over into their homes. She really is just a great soul. Her personality radiates great energy. Her talent and charisma is undeniable. When the music started we saw a different Ware though. She opened up to the mic as if we weren’t even there. I saw a Ware that was calm and restrained. Through the veil of innocence we could see that she truly knew how to write a song from the heart, like any of the best R&B writers (and I’m not talking about Usher or Brandy, but Frank Ocean and Aaliyah).

Closing out her first ever US tour in San Francisco meant a lot to us. After the show, she was given bouquets of flowers from members of the crowd. It was our way of finally getting to thank her for coming into our home, or rather, our city. I must say that I am also thankful that I got in to see her, because the next time I’ll be seeing her will be in the sweltering heat, surrounded by thousands of screaming fans at Coachella in April.


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