Four Tet’s Album Title Is Terrible, But



Yesterday, Four Tet released a 38 minute mix entitled 1081. What kind of album title is that! How crazy am I going to sound when I suggest to my friend to listen to Four Tet’s “1081?”

“It’s called 1081. What? No-the album, it’s called 1081. Why? I don’t know. Ask Four Tet. What? You don’t have to listen to it!”

Well, so, the album title isn’t stellar BUT–boy–is the album perfect…and free. Snag it. Cherish it. From the majestic harps to the stuttering samples, the varying cadences create a progression you can groove to, but also ask you to pause, and think, “Wow, how’d he mix that?” Reportedly, the LP comes from an archive of unreleased dating  to 2001.

After you drink your first cup of coffee tomorrow, just press play on this.

You can thank me afterwards. If we ever get an explanation for album title–we’ll let you know.