Looking Through The Lens of a Music Blogger


This image is a homage to Susannah Breslin, a journalist who had the right mind to tell me to stay the fuck away from journalism.  “In the past, I’ve written my response to aspiring writers: Don’t. It’s just that simple,” she explained. Well, Susannah, I didn’t listen.

My experiences were never as cool as Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous. I’ve hung out on stage with Skrillex or chatted with Matt & Kim while watching the Local Natives’ sound check, but my bluff stops there. (If you want those stories talk to Victoria. Her path is very different than mine.)

For four years I’ve toiled in crafting this music website, hoping it would stand out. I analyzed music from a sociological perspective (you can imagine the audience was quite small), then pivoted towards a more homogenous format: 1) Mp3s 2) Music videos 3) Album reviews 4) Live review and 5) Interview. I tried to remain unique.  I asked artists questions besides “What’s a crazy tour story?” and even had one refuse to speak with me unless I took down our first interview (ahem). I found really amazing photographers to help me document the San Francisco music scene. Even got help from writers who later became real journalists.

Somewhere I lost sight of my goal. I aimed to increase my pageviews hoping SPIN or NPR would take notice. I vomited copy that wreaked of the last blog I devoured. I stopped interviewing artists because I needed more time to post Mp3s. I forgot the most important thing Susannah told me:

So, if you insist on becoming a writer, against my wishes, do this. Do something different. Most writers can’t write. Most journalists are shit. Go where no one else will go. Write what no one else will write. Tell the stories nobody wants to hear.

Over the next fews weeks, thanks to the sponsorship of Sony and Flavorpill (who gave me that pretty camera you see in the photo), I’ll give you a glimpse into the world of a music blogger you don’t see. It won’t be backstage antics, that stuff rarely happens. It will be a different story of what it’s really like to be a music blogger starting now: it’s midnight on a Monday work night and I have an eleven hour work day ahead me. Shit.

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